The story

Grab a green juice, sit back and enjoy my story. This is how it all started…

I was born in Hungary. As a kid I was healthy and I attribute that to my Hungarian food and lifestyle. My family led a simple life in close proximity with the earth and the elements of nature. Our food was 100 percent local, seasonal and free of any preservatives—all homemade from scratch by my mom. The food was based on traditional recipes: fermented foods, meat and bone broths, organ meats, full-fat raw dairy was served daily.

I enjoyed great health, I had lots of energy and vitality and awesome physical and mental performance.  As a young adult I moved to the United States and my diet completely changed.  I was excited to taste a variety of  food flavors and got easily addicted to the sweetness.  Pop tarts, Florida orange juice , cheeseburgers, pizza became an everyday diet staple.  I still remember the first time I tasted Peanut Butter cups and Oreo McFlurry. Yum, they tasted so good!  After about three years on the SAD  diet I started to feel badly and didn’t look that good. I was freezing cold all the time, my skin turned yellow and I started to have breakouts—which I never had as a teenager. Then the gut issues started to show up: gas, bloating, belching. My gut was not feeling right, nor was I. I had mood swings and food cravings, I felt the need to munch on something all the time—I have to say, all of these symptoms were accelerated by major stress going on in my life.

Once I started practicing yoga and become a bit more mindful things started to change.  My body was naturally gravitated towards healthier food choices and a much healthier lifestyle.  I attended an one of John Berardi’s seminar and learned about the importance of identifying food intolerances and removing nutrient deficiencies in one’s diet.  I understood that before we talk about food types or food amounts intolerances and deficiencies need to be addressed FIRST.  To my surprise, I had intolerances to foods like cayenne pepper, cocoa powder, some fruits and even vegetables which are all common in a whole food diet.  I also had some vitamin deficiencies such as B vitamins and E vitamin.  Now, energy appetite, strength, endurance, mood and learning all rely on adequate intake of nutrients.  I believe in whole foods and a diet close to nature so I started to replenish nutrients with one a day fresh juices and eliminated food intolerances for a couple weeks.  For the first time I had significant improvement energy and mood wise and felt truly amazing. My heightened health gave me  strength, balance and flexibility not only on physically but mentally.  I was able to weather storms and theme a stressful mind.
For the first time, Kefi+ ME, takes the “one for all” nutrition approach out of content, providing access to a personalized mindfully crafted nutrition plan. I invite you to discover this transformational nutrition experience and boundless health opportunity.  The more you use kefi + ME in your health goal practice, the more possibility and reward you will discover.

I’m honored to share my story with you.  I’d like you to learn from my story, to help you move along on your own healing journey. I wish you health, happiness, prosperity, and peace of mind.

In health,

Katalin Axmann

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