kefi + ME is a unique mindfully crafted nutrition plan which helps to learn about individual food intolerances and nutrition deficiencies so you can lose weight, improve energy, rehydrate the body, reduce physical problems and heal your  mind.

kefi + ME programs breathe new life into many diets and diet guidelines that has a “one for all” approach rather than seeing the health, fitness, and diet needs uniquely for each individual.

kefi+ ME mindfully crafted nutrition plan promotes physical and mental wellbeing for all wellness levels.

Three elements of Kefi

Fresh juice: A 10-day once a day juice recipe which uses example of whole foods items you can add to supplement your diet without taking additional tablets.

Whole food plan: A 10-day whole food meal plan designed especially for you avoiding your food sensitivities.

Touch of mindfulness: A 10 minute guided meditation which helps to love yourself into great health.